Our Family

Our family has been in Ireland for countless generations. Since then, we have settled along the Northwest coast of Ireland. Indulging in all this country has to offer.

Irelands culture and ways are unlike any other country in the world. We are genuinely excited to share an authentic and unforgettable Irish experience with our customers. You won’t find a more loving and welcoming group than us to make your dream Irish vacation a reality.

Our Promise

When you travel with us, you will experience what no other tour company can give you. We aim to embed you into Irelands everyday life, showing you not only the most historical hot spots but also giving you insiders access to our lands most unique hidden treasures.

Our family prides itself on going the extra mile for each of our customers, making sure every need is cared for.      Duffy tours are completely private and customizable. When you choose Duffy Tours you won’t have to worry about a thing! Our guides are here to make sure that you have the most enjoyable, stress-free trip